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furry dramatica
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The disgrace god-awful furry article on the Encyclopedia Dramatica's users are not anti-furry and most of the admins themselves are furries. Or look at it from another POV. Being what would be called a "weekend furry" I cant speak on this subject to any great extent but feel that it deserves mention or consideration for extention of the Furry lifestylers segment. If you had taken a cross-section of people from 60 years ago and asked about their sexuality, an exceptionally large percentage would describe themselves as straight. This page should be marked for deletion. The anthropomorphic characters most often sexualized are humans or humanoids with added animal attributes.

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Elisa. Age: 20.
furry dramatica

There should be a category on furries and the internet.

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Ashley. Age: 22.
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When I See A Furry

Have there been American studies regarding these topics? The result of the discussion was speedy keep. This article was nominated for deletion on March 4 For the time being, let's keep personal guesses outside of the wiki. I am not linking the topic of criticism to the word itself.

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