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To me, fitness isn't about looking a certain way or being a certain size. The two pictures are around a year apart! I am now a competitor, coach and I now know all the muscles, how to target them, how to transform my body the way I want, I know how to properly diet and I go to the gym a day, days a week. No, I do not wear corsets, waist trainers or had a tummy tuck. I no longer catch colds so easily, I sleep better at night, my skin has a glow awwww the list could go on. Topping out at pounds during her pregnancy, Kassidy has lost more than pounds, with an pound difference pictured above.

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But it's rare that you lose fat the same way from all parts of your body.

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Switch things up, take lots of pictures, and give yourself a pat on the back once and a while! I don't wear short shorts, short dresses, belly shirts, or tops that show my cleavage. I'm actually a very covered up person. I am fairly vascular in my arms and have managed to keep a fairly tiny waist picture was taken during a lean bulk. Anyway, you've got to appreciate the little changes. This is when I first started going to the gym! London-based personal trainer Meggan Grubb says it took years to first cut fat, then build her glute into a bubble booty.

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