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The videos were in fact uploaded to some of the most used adult sites in the world and have been viewed more than a billion times. The women were coerced and tricked into making pornography that was released on to some of the biggest adult sites in the world without their consent, leaving some of them suicidal. She has since had plastic surgery to try to disguise her appearance. In November 60 emails and phone calls called for her to be expelled. At one point, the judge asked her if she needed a break from talking, as she described holding a loaded gun and thinking about taking her own life. Several plaintiffs have become suicidal.

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Kai. Age: 31.
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In November 60 emails and phone calls called for her to be expelled.

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Anabella. Age: 22.
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I was struck by how poised they were when they responded to invasive personal questions during cross-examination by the attorneys for GirlsDoPorn, including about their sex lives, relationships, mental health, substance abuse and even abortion. Those who tried to back out once it was clear what was involved were threatened, plied with alcohol and told they would have to pay for their own way home from San Diego. My name is completely destroyed. Her life, she says, is irrevocably changed, and her hopes of a legal career have been ended. Anonymous emails were sent to their families, universities and friends, linking them to the videos. Topics San Diego Exploitation in focus.

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