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No one knows how or why they evolved—just that we have found a number of them in the galaxy, going about their business…Time has no meaning for such a creature…We thought for a time that they might have once been plentiful in the galaxy—and the ones we find now are the only ones left. Since exogorths insulated themselves deep inside asteroids and their own heat-generating waste, Leia Organa , Han Solo, and Chewbacca were able to survive inside the space slug with only breath masks to provide oxygen. For filming, the slug was realized as a puppet seventy-nine centimeters in length and twenty-eight in diameter. Hidden categories: Legends articles with canon counterparts Pages using official parameter with Template:Blog. On occasion, the naturally occurring chemical trigger would cause the space slug to kill whatever occurred near them. Upon being investigated, the worm was just shedding its valuable skin and several pieces of it were retrieved for studying. This sense of spatial acuity also aided them in hunting food.

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princess leia swallow

During the Galactic War , the lair of a rare exogorth was found in the Minos Cluster.

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Retrieved on April 1 , Sign In Don't have an account? The space slug scene in Empire was drawn from the mythological motif [18] of Jonah and the Whale , an archetypal story of journeying into the belly of the beast. Other theories held that these exogorths were descended from natives to the world which formed the Cularin system asteroid belt Oblis before its destruction, and that these creatures survived and adapted to the void of space. The two new space slugs would immediately become self-reliant. Categories : Pages with missing permanent archival links Legends articles Pages needing citation Exogorths Gastropods Silicavorous creatures Silicon-based creatures Space-borne creatures Species of undefined sentience. The House of Adasca found a way to control the slugs, known to Adascorp scientists as exogorths, after the Great Sith War.

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