How old is jessie from pokemon

how old is jessie from pokemon
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Jessie is not very smart to say, so if in doubt goes to James to have it cleared. Harley lent his Banette for use in one of Jessie's contests. Jessie captured Yanmega as a Yanma after another trainer weaken it first. Jessie kicking Butch after he gets the motto wrong. While looking for Meowth when James and her became separated from Meowth, she ran into a wild Pumpkaboo that was flashing lights, to represent its flashlight-like ability. In the Johto region, Jessie accidently traded her Likitung for a Wobuffet, which she admits could have been the worst mistake of her life.

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Maya. Age: 24.
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Jessie kicking Butch after he gets the motto wrong.

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Adrienne. Age: 22.
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After a battle against May, it evolved into a Cascoon , not a Silcoon. Eventually it evolves into an Arbok because Jessie wished desperately for it to. Jessie is reunited with this Chansey many years later, when she is in team rocket in the episode Ignorance is Blissey. Prior to when Ash starts his journey, Jessie recieved an Ekans for her birthday and used it even when it evolved into an Arbok. Jessie caught Seviper after beating him for "eating" Jessie's hair, which enraged Seviper as well as Jessie. Jessie as a child Jessie bathing in the hot springs. Its known moves include Air Slash and Gust.

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