Smoking anime girl

smoking anime girl
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They were just great characters anyway. Totally agree with both of you guys. I don't think it's hot or gross for female anime characters to smoke. It's not something I like to be around and in the future I wouldn't want my kids to be around it. She's not a femme fatale if she doesn't smoke. And if I may add their just adding a little of realty to anime. IRL If they smoke cigarettes I avoid getting intimate with them.

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Lillie. Age: 24.
smoking anime girl

I don't really care if anime characters or real people smoke.

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Maddison. Age: 31.
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As for in anime, hey it's through a screen so I don't have to choke on the smell. I couldn't imagine her without smoking, and and even if I'm a girl myself, I consider her pretty hot. Generally it leaves a smell on the person as well. DrCoppelius said: aloricg said: You have to admit the computer analyst lady from Psychopass is pretty damn hot. That's what consumerism is, son. In general, I love anime characters who smoke, but I find it's more of a coolness factor than hotness.

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