American dad hayley and jeff

american dad hayley and jeff
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According to a DVD special [ which? But when Roger accidentally reveals that he is real, Jeff cannot keep the secret and Stan is forced to kill either Roger or Jeff. However, at the end of the episode, the Collectors are willing to put Jeff's brain in Zebleer to make Hayley happy. At this point in later seasons, Hayley's morality, sensibility, and seriousness has become much further in comparison to the rest of her more shallow, reckless, and muddled family members, and even Roger. However, after Jeff goes to Hayley and confesses his love for her, they decide to elope. Hayley reveals that shortly after losing Roger, the two tried to earn money with Jeff as a male prostitute, but finding little work with women, Jeff is forced into gay prostitution, putting him on "butt rest".

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american dad hayley and jeff

But, due to how difficult Roger was during the pregnancy, Hayley feels that she isn't ready for a baby and Jeff agrees, having just been born himself.

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CodyCross Household Items Jeff __ is Hayley's husband in American Dad

Stan didn't kill Jeff, but ended up battling his boss upon him insulting Hayley. In mentality, she's portrayed as a passionate liberal , what was originally intended to be the antithesis to her father's far right neoconservative mentality. Jeff Fischer husband Dill ex husband. As revealed in the episode " The Kidney Stays in the Picture ", she may or may not be Stan's biological daughter—Francine revealed to have cheated on Stan at a bachelorette party. She is often disrespected by other more shallow and self-involved members of the household who seem to find her annoying and are contemptuous of her kinder and more selfless character, especially Stan and Roger. No Snoops Allowed , she went an entire day eating just meat after she ate some by mistake. This is primarily because of Hayley's disgust for Steve's obnoxious tendencies and generally shallow taste and desire towards the opposite sex.

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