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No wonder the DCEU is flopping hard and fast. The worst thing that happened was a punk or two being obnoxious, and that was it. Reblogged 3 months ago from comicsforever. Some outlets went as far as reporting risks of mass shootings. Your toughts and ideas are appreciated, you can reach me in my ask box. The Joker is a film that was pretty hard for me to address, even more, to review.

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Viviana. Age: 20.
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Even with the incredible performances of Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Heath Ledger on my mind, the Joker always seemed like the gimmicky villain for Batman.

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Sutton. Age: 31.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The Joker is what first-world, left-leaning entitlement looks to us outside of the USA. The only hope that drives Arthur to keep up with his struggles while looking for a better future is his deluded dreams about being a stand-up comedian, something that even his mentally deranged mother knows is impossible because his son is not funny. Went it came to comic books, some of my favs are Batman, Wolverine, Punisher, those characters that are always in that gray area where they are incredibly relatable for me, but somehow they are disgusting for everyone else. This is the fucking superhero film of the year. Arthur is full of entitlement; he sees humor where is none. Your toughts and ideas are appreciated, you can reach me in my ask box. Comics Forever Turned 9 Today!

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