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She appreciates that this is not a sexual thing. I'm sure they would be happy to stare at a naked woman. Already coach Paulo Carpegiani has not only banned Silva from playing but also from sitting on the sidelines at this weekend's match. This liberalism was tempered by a speech he gave on family values and the importance of the Catholic Church, indicating that homosexuality is acceptable only if it falls within strict moral guidelines. I don't see what their problem is. In March, 20, Brazilians turned out for a Gay Pride march, compared to 7, the previous year, leading organisers to declare that the country is slowly coming to terms with the issue of homosexuality. It gives the club a bad image and I expect that Roger's career with us is over.

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Silva, who was accompanied to the photo shoot by his wife, said: "Of course I told the team about the photos beforehand.

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Eve. Age: 32.
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Brazil soccer managers being `difficult' as stars pose for gay magazine

I'm sure they would be happy to stare at a naked woman. This changing attitude has been acknowledged by O Globo, producers of the country's leading soap operas. Posing without clothes is not a crime. When the final episode was transmitted last week, Ualber was seen successfully wooing a new boyfriend. It is just a celebration of the body.

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