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Not the way you wanted, but here you are. She'd need that toilet again, and soon. The pines crowded close around the little cabin, mountain peaks in view on two sides, and a little brook burbled by. The two skeletons mingled together, gradually crumbling as a Were's powerful stomach acids did the slow work of breaking down even this tougher nut. Jim cursed and shook the phone as the screen flickered and went out for a moment.

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Nothing short of divine intervention would bring back the fox, the last of whom she'd flush before sunset.

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His torn clothing provided protection for only a moment until it was soaked as well and Jim could only whine in pain as she slowly began to digest him. Her belly sloshed and another air bubble made its way up, producing a long and foul-tasting belch. He'd say hello and then go get the picnic basket. Slit windows only a handbreadth wide flanked a steel plate door that had a narrow, barred slot at eye level. He only had to dial three digits - He hadn't been paying attention to the werewolf's movements, thinking that his situation couldn't possibly get any worse.

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