Imdb the wolf of wall street

imdb the wolf of wall street
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All these films work with similar plots and themes, but TWOWS is like a gangster film masked by the thin veil of upper-class corporate swindling. Archived from the original on June 7, Archived from the original on December 15, Porush maintains that much of the film was fictional and that Donnie Azoff was not in fact an accurate depiction of him. The kind of nondescript character that you wouldn't look at twice, Hill gets taken to a world that he could only imagine in dreams wet or dry by DiCaprio.

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Well, DiCaprio sells this performance and role like no one else could.

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He starts off at J F Rothstein and he is quickly taken into an understudy by lead broker Mark Hanna,who teaches him how to make money without morals and integrity. Wolf is a waste unless you are a year-old boy who thinks Napoleon Dynamite was funny. She's the more elusive, compelling, and more thought out version of Scarlett Johansson's character in Don Jon. Donnie gets into a public brawl with Brad, and, while Donnie escapes, Brad is arrested. That's a testament to Scorsese's outstanding direction and Terence Winter's masterful screenplay.

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