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Genome-wide atlas of gene expression in the adult mouse brain. Network cluster analysis of the sheep gene expression atlas was performed using Miru Kajeka Ltd, Edinburgh, UK [ 35 — 37 ]. For example, in the UK, the crossing of lighter upland sheep breeds with heavier lowland meat breeds optimises carcass quality, lambing rate, growth rate and survivability [ 95 ]. S5 Table Quality categories for automated gene annotations. In a minority of cases, genes were missing because they were highly specific to a tissue or cell which was not sampled, such as odontoblasts which uniquely produce tooth dentin, mediated by DSPP dentin sialophosphoprotein [ 32 ].

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S24 Table Number of genes with detectable expression, per gene type.

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To build on this resource and further improve the functional annotation of Oar v3. After correction sub-Fig B , there is no notable axis of variation that partitions points by shape—consequently, variation introduced by library type a batch effect does not confound variation by tissue type which is biologically meaningful. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics. Genes were assigned to groups according to their level of co-expression using the MCL algorithm. This graph was interpreted by applying the Markov Cluster algorithm MCL [ 38 ] at an inflation value which determines cluster granularity of 2.

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