Torture orgasms

torture orgasms
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Post-orgasm torture may be performed on either a male or female partner although the sensations they experience will differ slightly due to their anatomy. Post orgasm torture may also be used as a punishment for premature ejaculation or as part of a game. This is best done before orgasm to ensure post-orgasm torture can occur immediately. Post-orgasm torture occurs when a person does not stop stimulating their partner following orgasm. Definition - What does Post-orgasm Torture mean?

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Orgasm Torture Porn Videos

Many people restrain their partner during post-orgasm tortur, either with their body, ropes, cuffs, or other devices. Definition - What does Post-orgasm Torture mean? For consensual couples though, post orgasm torture can be a pleasurable activity as it forces the submissive partner to endure something they would usually enjoy. Do men have control over when they orgasm and ejaculate? It helps create a power dynamic that many couples find stimulating. How can I orgasm from penetration alone? Should my partner and I choose a male or female to create our first threesome?

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