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A femboy is a male, typically under 30, who acts in a feminine manner. A femboy may still identify as male, or he may wish to be identified as female. Often wearing colours like pink, and in some cases wearing dresses. John: "Hey man will you help me pick out some new high heels? Femboys can be of any sexuality, gender identity, or background. However, it is common for femboys to be bigender.

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Lorelai. Age: 30.
femboy girl

One who blurs the line between boy and girl ; John.

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Alexis. Age: 31.
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Books similar to Crossdreaming: A Femboy’s Dreams Come True?

Often times, femboys can be found within furry art , or in furry communities, and even anime and manga. Jaten : I slept with John last night.. This became very popular with the rise of anime. Femboys are also different from cross-dressers. A femboy is a person, typically under the age of 30 years, who is biologically male. The term femboy can be used to describe young gay men or weak boys, often as a derogatory term. Femboys are most often found on the Internet, as this form of cross dressing is found as a taboo by society.

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