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Description: If there was ever an instance where you want to say to someone, "why don't y'all just go ahead and fuck already?! Sometimes two guys are so sexually versatile that instead of taking roles, they do anything and [more This week we bring you Episode 3: The BangOver. Shawn is a straight dude who works at a gay club as a stripper Jake had heard of the legendary Gabriel Clark and decided to put his hole to the test. Have we ever had someone so hot both as a top or a bottom?

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French-Canadian hetero hunk, Shawn Beliveau. Along the way, we made memories that I will not soon forget. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move. These days Jimmy's hair is a little longer, he has gotten a little wiser, a little [more So he was very eager to get back to doing what he does best-- fucking-- and we thought he deserved a special guy to share a scene with him.

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