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Primarily portrayed by actress Alaina Huffman , Abaddon is described as the last remaining Knight of Hell, a class of incredibly powerful demons who were among the first of their kind. Asmodeus portrayed primarily by Jeffrey Vincent Parise is a demon who is first mentioned in season 12's "Stuck in the Middle With You " and identified as one of the four Princes of Hell alongside Azazel , Ramiel and Dagon. Terrified by their leader's death, the remaining demons vacate their vessels and flee in acquiescence to Sam's demands. Garth Fitzgerald IV, portrayed by DJ Qualls , is a hunter who generally works alone, although he has teamed up with the Winchester brothers on two occasions. When Sam and Dean arrive, they are forced to tell Donna the truth about what's going on in Hibbing and what happened in Stillwater. In order to cover her tracks, Dagon has another demon murder everyone who meets Dagon and Kelly, including a doctor who did a fetal examination on Kelly's insistence.

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Dagon is later attacked by a team of angels led by Castiel who attempt to kill her with the Colt.

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He discovers that Claire is in solitary confinement in a juvenile center after attempting the latest of a series of escapes, prompting him to visit and get her out by posing as Jimmy. Abraxas reveals to Nick that he was ordered by Lucifer to commit the murders, though Nick was no one special and Abraxas had chosen him by throwing a dart at the phone book. On Sam's suggestion, Jesse and Sam visit the former sheriff while Dean and Cesar hunt down the burrow. Though briefly interrupted by Dean, Duke flings him away with telekinesis and prepares to kill Sam, commenting that "this is my favorite part. While Dagon and Asmodeus had originally followed his example, both later returned to the affairs of Hell with the return of Lucifer and the birth of his son, both things that Ramiel knew of but didn't care to do anything about.

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