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However, the prosecution argued successfully that her exhibitions of mental instability had been a ploy to avoid suspicion; both committals were said to have coincided with times when Dyer was concerned her crimes might have been exposed. Massacre of the Innocents: Infanticide in Britain, They were struck by the stench of human decomposition, although no human remains were found. She initially cared for the children legitimately, in addition to having two of her own, but whether intentionally or not, a number of them died in her care, leading to a conviction for negligence and six months' hard labor. Dyer was keen to make money from baby farming, and alongside taking in expectant women, she advertised to nurse and adopt a baby, in return for a substantial one-off payment and adequate clothing for the child. This was the world opened up to her by the now-departed Ellen Dane. For some time, Dyer eluded the resulting interest of the police.

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Dyer's downfall came when the bagged corpse of an infant was discovered in the Thames , with evidence leading to her.

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Amelia Dyer

Visited the night before her execution by the chaplain and asked if she had anything to confess, she offered him her exercise books, saying, "isn't this enough? In , at the age of 24, Amelia became permanently estranged from at least one of her brothers, James, and moved into lodgings in Trinity Street, Bristol. She learned to read and write and developed a love of literature and poetry. Dyer at one point drank two bottles of laudanum in a serious suicide attempt, but her long-term abuse had built up her tolerance to opium products, so she survived. Many businesses were set up to take in these young women and care for them until they gave birth. A few days later, she received a letter from "Mrs.

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