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As such, the wearer can select one of the biasing structures 20 to thread into the sole assembly 13 in order to obtain a desired amount of biasing supplied from the biasing structure 20 on the sole assembly For instance, the outsole can be made out of relatively hard rubber or other polymeric material, which resists compression under normal loading and yet allows for some degree of flexure along the longitudinal axis of the footwear The second reinforcing tube includes a recessed end with a curvature that corresponds with the curvature of the projected end, and the recessed end is operable to receive the projected end. Furthermore, the middle portion 26 can extend substantially parallel to the ground-engaging surface The same may also be varied in many ways.

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Moreover, an article of footwear is disclosed that includes an upper and a sole assembly that is operably coupled to the upper.

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US8505220B2 - Flex groove sole assembly with biasing structure - Google Patents

Accordingly, the usefulness of the footwear may be somewhat limited. For instance, the outsole can be manufactured in a highly-reproduceable and inexpensive manner e. As shown, the groove can extend non-linearly in the thickness direction of the outsole The abutment surfaces , can be disposed adjacent each other, underneath the projection and recess , respectively. For instance, the reinforcing tubes 40 a , 40 b , 40 c can be fixedly embedded within the midsole 16 via a molding process. The article of footwear of claim 3 , wherein the adjustment device includes a spool that selectively spools at least one end of the biasing structure to selectively adjust the tension within the biasing structure between the first tension level and the second tension level. Accordingly, the biasing structure 20 draws the portions 19 a , 19 b of the sole assembly 13 toward each other and increase stiffness in the sole assembly

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