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I was the ultimate girly girl as a kid. I believe in doing things that are unrealistic or have no effect. Lesson number one: Never agree to do anything until you know what it is. But the way it worked out was even better, you know. There was a hole there when he died.

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I said Aaron, I have to promote this album.

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So instead of - oh, Kristin's having one of her vertigo spells, now it's - I've got a label to it and I can try to help myself. What are some of the things that she taught you that have stuck with you? And he was the one that took care of me. But in a way she said, it's so great to take it to take you to a competition and for you to go, hi, I'm Kristin Dawn Chenoweth. But I will say the only time it's uncomfortable is when I'm traveling into a hotel room and they're like, you want to what? No wonder they've been so lethargic.

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