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Hill called out the veteran at the time, saying the posts left her 'deeply disturbed' and that his 'hateful rhetoric' helped fuel 'violence across America'. Photos taken over the next two years that DailyMail. Desjardins told Heslep that she is struggling to get over Hill, who was still paying her for 'fundraising consulting' as recently as last month according to FEC records. Other pictures show the women hugging each other in a kitchen while both dressed in pajamas. In a letter to her constituents on Wednesday, Hill admitted the relationship with her year-old female aide but she did not name Desjardins. Hill's wild lifestyle has been laid bare in a cache of texts and intimate photographs obtained by DailyMail.

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And in posts on his Facebook page earlier this month, the estranged husband accused his wife of having an affair with her campaign finance director, Graham Kelly, allegedly cheating on him and the other aide for a year of their throuple relationship.

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I want to be entirely focused on this work that I think is so important. In a letter to her constituents on Wednesday, Hill admitted the relationship with Desjardins pictured with Hill and Helsep in December while rock climbing. In a text to her husband pictured , Hill writes that she will 'continue to pay the bills and the mortgage' for him. Helen McCourt's murderer Ian Simms walks free despite never revealing what he did with her body after Shocking photographs of Democrat Katie Hill posing naked with a tattoo of what appears to be a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line while smoking a bong and making out with her young female aide have been obtained exclusively by DailyMail.

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