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Billy had an undercover named "Muscles" McGinnis follow Mary, as she reminded him a lot of his sister, and had him retrieve her forged adoption record. Mary accompanied her parents on an expedition to Egypt while Billy remained home, and she met Theo Adam, an associate of their parents. I kept hearing it scream in my head. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. I tried so hard not to change after we beat Darkseid, but

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sexy mary marvel

Mary would become one of the notable members of the Marvel Family, doing many greats acts of heroism through her career.

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Mary Marvel

According to the Wizard Shazam, Mary could transform into a Marvel because her powers came from a set of female benefactors. Without, I might add, resorting to hair pulling! Roses are red, violets are blue. The two were nursed by Sarah Primm, and the two would later be orphans after their father's death, with Mary being sent to another family. Mary and the foster siblings found Billy at the zoo, and he decided the key to defeat Black Adam was finding the Rock of Eternity in the Wizard's fortress. Mary would grow up as Mary Bromfield, living an idyllic life in a wealthy family, but would dream of another family she had never seen.

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