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That is such a nonsensical way to end the article! It's being powered by QuietKat, a Colorado-based company known for their all-terrain electric bikes. I hope Harley Davidson make one. I'm going to be blowing past all those enduro-tards and their stupid big skinny waggon wheels going up fire roads!!! Stocky tires appeal to stocky people, and that's enough torque to pull a dead elk, if you're into that kind of thing. Im just no to jeeps in general

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So because it has an integrated battery is a good e-bike? Forget about the car and the motorbike and just enjoy the brilliancy of Bill Murray. For reference, a Suzuki Hayabusa has Nm" this is insane, but it is inherent to electric motors, they super torqy. This is a emotorcycle, it has a throttle. Back in the day you had to build one. I ended up adding relays to a bunch of circuits.

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