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When I found out they were going to shutdown, I spent many hours downloading everything from AdamsBoys. It is worse than it ever was before. I download all the images at a site because I learned my lesson with GTS. When 19 implemented DRM on their movies which now is offered, again, unprotected they have punished their faithful members with a time bomb. They had some great photosets, particularly those done by Steven Brewer, but went downhill when there was a change of editor, and they just became an advertising vehicle for Millivres Prowler's latest videos. Which is why I sound off so much about the ageing sets and lo-res clips on them, and the repeats and missing parts of series held back to induce re-submission, the rising prices etc. Not what you want in the middle of a set, a big tart popping out with huge boobs, is it?

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I've still got all my old copies of the above mags in the loft!

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Big B [ November 11 AM ] salieri Salieri To feel the need to download the sites en masse is both understandable -- sort of thing I'd do -- and also highly pathological. Besides, I'm one of those rare people who actually pays for his porn. First : The link to Imagefap's "Johny's Favorites" is truly a treasure trove of fine homoerotic images. Yes, I would recommend that all readers have a look at ImageFap. Luckily, many of the sets were available in more than one of the sites, so I was able to by-pass a lot of them. Advertising is one thing, 2, 3 photos at maximum, anything beyhond that is a criminal ofense. Marcelo: I cannot stress enough the unbelivable hate I have for those that posted their copyrighted material on the net, forcing upon us, good people, the burden of a troublesome DRM system.

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