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Meanwhile, Captain Hero and Xandir follow Ling-Ling to a night club, then, the next morning, Ling-Ling is forced into an 'arranged battle' by his parents, through which he meets the girl of his dreams. Toot becomes a mother to a baby from Nicaragua; Wooldoor becomes Captain Hero's sidekick. Due to the large number of cameras watching them, the housemates grow agitated, realizing that they are not receiving any prize for starring on the show. Foxxy competes in spelling bees, with Spanky as her agent. When they later get trapped in a parking space, she thinks they have been taken off to Heaven. Archived from the original on At the end of the episode, the housemates read a letter telling them they have been cancelled and walk into a room marked "Unemployment".

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Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids, but cannot until Foxxy, who is one of them, gives him a chance to join them.

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Top Ten Drawn Together Episodes

Toot pursues the mythical Wienermobile, although Foxxy and Ling-Ling, believing it is just a myth, seal her in the closet to prevent her from searching for it. Wooldoor is comforted by Clara and her woodland friends, although Spanky, on the brink of starvation, devours the woodland creatures, unknown to Clara. Captain Hero is disciplined by a reality show nanny. Spanky teaches Clara how to prank the pizza man, when Foxxy is put in a dilemma. This is a comprehensive list of episodes for the animated television comedy Drawn Together. A Terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning the world gay after Clara alerts it of this problem, causing Wooldoor to go on the run, with the aid of Xandir, who is from the 'gay future', caused by Wooldoor's show, while the Terminator befriends Captain Hero.

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