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Now, we present the flying oscillator! No more — or very little — friction, no more contact, no more wear, no more oil. The "Grinder" uses the smallest of wrist movements. This incredible technical feat is made possible thanks to the elimination of friction, particularly given the fact that the energy consumption depends on the frequency, cubed if the frequency is doubled, the consumption is multiplied by 8. The highly sophisticated mechanism, which will be incorporated into commercial products by the end of the year, opens up new, unexplored horizons for Ulysse Nardin. The most significant include an ultra-light silicium balance felloe with nickel inertia-blocks and stabilizing micro-blades, and a new case, topped with a box-domed sapphire crystal.

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Zariah. Age: 22.
flexible freak

This watch, which is not available for sale, demonstrates the brand's commitment to extending and enriching its collection by taking its watchmaking eXpertise to the next level.

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It is the last stage in a decade of developments for FREAK concept watches at Ulysse Nardin with the launch of the Ulysse Anchor escapement, followed by the Grinder, also fitted with blades, presented in on the Freak InnoVision 2 model. The new FREAK neXt is the current quintessence of all the technical and watchmaking skills of the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture, unveiling an oscillator of truly spectacular design. Based on flexible mechanisms using the elasticity of silicium blades, a principle that is truly mastered by Ulysse Nardin, this oscillating regulating device does away with the central pivot, its center literally suspended in mid-air. X represents the unknown, unspecified or variable factor. Made up of 32 silicium micro-blades measuring 16 micrometers in width, connected to one another without contact with the mainplate — forming 16 triangles superimposed in 4 parallel layers — the oscillator beats to a highly efficient frequency of 12 Hz, for a remarkable hour power reserve. The neXt flying oscillator, with its 3D multi-layer construction — four layers of blades and a solid layer that serves as a flywheel — is a highly significant technological development for watchmaking research.

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