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guys in leggings tumblr
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Tighter tights are also more see-thru. Commercially available braces can be used, but the attachment claws create rips and holes in the tights. Insist on real male dance tights. Tights pulled high to avoid the "unibutt" look. The reason to wear a thong. The added size gives more material to wrap around the elastic belt, insuring there is enough to pull the tights up into your butt crack to avoid the unibutt effect.

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guys in leggings tumblr

White tights can be dyed easily using Rit dyes.

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They are called TIGHTS for a reason: It is considered bad form to have extra material around the rear of the tights which makes it look like you are wearing a diaper or give you the dreaded "unibutt" where your entire rear looks like one object instead of two distinct gluteus muscles. White dance belts under white tights. Some companies ask male dancers to wear two pairs of white tights for a super-white and no see-thru look, although bright stage lighting generally makes that unnecessary. Women's tights frequently come with a little cotton gusset in the crotch that serves their needs, but won't do anything good for you. Some dancewear stores like Tutu.

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