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And then bums remind me of peaches so I was like maybe we'll just call it Peaches. While photographing girls in their bedrooms has become a familiar trope in the past few years, Yaqub's images have a unique transparency — like windows into private, beautiful, and usually unobserved moments. So I tried to line up as many as I could before I got there, and kept posting on Instagram asking for models. I used to change all of my digital photos to look like film anyway. I matched with her and we were just talking normally. How did you make that happen?

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Brinley. Age: 31.
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Why did you decide on the name Peaches?

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Annabella. Age: 31.
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I always ask the girl if she wants to use her real name, and most people do. I like that you include your subjects' names on your site. I remember at university my teacher was like, "You need to find the wild girls," and I was like, "There are none. How did you find models in the States? Why do you think there's such a difference in the way that girls in England and girls in America are willing to pose? I try, as much as I can, to just hang out.

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