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It had to be done to complement the background. She shows Phillip the sleeping Princess Aurora, and says she will lock him away until he is an old man on the verge of death. The version found at Disneyland Paris is much more reminiscent of the film's artistic direction. His work on Sleeping Beauty , which he spent four months on, remained uncredited. Aurora wandering through the forest with her animal friends all the way to Princess Aurora renamed Briar Rose running back home, promising Phillip they will meet again later in the evening. The backgrounds became more important than the animation.

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By April , Sleeping Beauty was scheduled for a February release.

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Retrieved November 3, The Disney film retains the basics of Charles Perrault 's 17th-century fairy tale about a princess cursed to sleep one hundred years, but adds three elderly fairies who protect the princess, a prince armed with a magic sword and shield, and other details. Because of the artistic depth of Earle's backgrounds, it was decided for the characters to be stylized so they could appropriately match the backgrounds. The next day, she was informed by Walt Disney that she landed the role. Following the failure of 3-D, and the reversal of Warner's decision, Jones returned to the other studio. If a player spins a six, he is given the choice of moving six spaces or taking a magic wand. She became very angular, moving with more fluidity and elegance, but her design had a harder line.

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