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faye valentine gifs
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She gets in the car and they escape for a while. During her adventures on the Bebop, Faye crosses paths with Spike and Jet twice and makes herself at home aboard their ship the second time around, much to the consternation and disapproval of the two men, both of whom have their own reservations about women in general. In the Cowboy Bebop manga, while being described a wanted serial killer they are hunting, she states that she fits their preferences as an "Asian Beauty" with "straight black hair". She was forced to sit in the booth next to Mao's corpse, and met Vicious face-to-face. Both men initially do not agree on having a woman on board, especially an opportunist like Faye, but are unable to force her off.

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Abby. Age: 25.
faye valentine gifs

She was a cheerleader in high school.

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Brenna. Age: 32.
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Faye Valentine

The two bounty hunters were determined to cash in on the bounty on her head and sell the valuable chip to her boss, however, Gordon double-crossed them and Faye managed to escape, ruining the operation and stealing the money Gordon was supposed to trade. During the operation, she mistook Spike Spiegel for the agent and, in the process, was captured by him and Jet Black. Faye is an opportunistic, bitter, scheming, grumpy, arrogant, selfish and lazy character as she is often seen lying around while the others work on a bounty and spending a lot of her time taking care of her appearance. Because of her abrasive personality, she often clashes with her companions. It formed a new personality, one that is untrustworthy, scheming and irresponsible.

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