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She positioned the horse over the arrangement and slid underneath him. At that she ran her hands along his flank, reached under his belly and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. She slipped into the cool pool of water and rinsed herself off. Slipping the index finger deep inside, she slowly rubbed her clit. She removed one hand from the animals cock and slipped two fingers up her cunt. On and On he humped, she gasped, her breath coming short in her lungs as she was thrown again and again into the hay.

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Throwing her head side to side as more penetrated, she felt it enter her tight cervix, stretch, push, a scream escaped her lips.

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Lisa reached down between her knees and grasped the cock of her dreams. She closed and bolted the stable doors. His cock was now fully distended and becoming erect. Lisa looked around and felt that the area was secluded and that nobody was around, so she took off her shirt and wiggled out of her tight dungarees. She lay, panting, part of the horse weight on her, unable to move, the cock still pulsating, more and more cum leaking from her, draining down her legs and forming a pool on the blanket.

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