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Scroll below to find out more about who I am, why I'm here, and what its all about! This is for you lucky ducks who have been debating upping to the NSFW level.. I have been modeling full time for about 8 years now, specializing in glamour, art nudes, fetish, underwater, cosplay and more. Recent posts by hex hypoxia. Can I cancel my pledge any time? Traveling constantly and being on the road so much definatly has been taking a toll on me.

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I live in bus stops and on buses, and my art is whatever I am hired to do and not my own.

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Erotic and Fetish model Hex Hypoxia

I have been losing sight of my own dreams and artistic goals, I want to be able to create new and artistic visions, as well as pushing myself to create new cosplays, appear at more conventions and work on bigger projects i can put more into.. Well, you guys supporting me is why I'm able to create this art, and really take making my designs, my photos, and everything i do to the next level and more. Can I cancel my pledge any time? I'm just your everyday average traveling ball of chaos. Sort of a happy medium so if you decide you like my naughties you can up to the full nude tier, or just stay here for some once in a while topless fun, or go back to the sfw blog if boobs just arent your thing!

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