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Brady said he believed that he and Kristen deserved another chance, and he admitted that he was scared. In a swoon, Kristen asked if the moment was real. Brady and I are good friends, and that's it. Including some I wasn't aware of until this conversation," Xander said. Eric told Nicole that when he had returned to Salem from Boston, the first person he had wanted to call had been Nicole.

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After a moment, Kristen conceded that Brady had a point.

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You can't live back in the past. Evan excused himself so that Justin and Sonny could talk privately. It was just for show," Brady confirmed. Ben pointed out that Ciara had gone against her own family to help him, and he loved her more than ever. Ben asked Will why he had not told anyone the truth yet. I told him that you're not moving out, and that you love Mickey, and that she needs you right now, and so do I," Sarah said. You and Holly bring so much joy into my life.

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